Information for investors

Modern Ternopil offers guests and residents of the city many restaurants with differ in concepts, themes, quality of service and pricing. But if you ask the locals about some iconic place that harmoniously combines all the above criteria, you will definitely hear: Faine Misto Family Restaurants.

Many years of experience and an incredible desire to create a restaurant of a new format allowed Faine Misto to get around all the restaurants in Ternopil and win the loyalty of visitors even from all over the country. Today our restaurant chain includes Faine Misto CLUB, Jan Amor restaurant, Faine Misto pub, bar Passage Adler 13, NA NEBI modern Ukrainian restaurant and oriental cuisine restaurant with the atmosphere of the nightclub YOUNG. However, we as talented professionals are not only happy with our wins but also strive to develop further.



Working together

Working together with Faine Misto restaurant chain – a good opportunity to create a truly unique and conceptual project. It is advantageous for investors to put their funds to our business as it has been wildly popular with guests and residents of Ternopil for many years. Faine franchise is a guarantee of your success, as a business that combines complete comfort and customer satisfaction and profitability for the owner of the establishment is an opportunity to create a daily holiday atmosphere. Faine Misto Restaurant guarantees its potential partners and investors the successful development of a special business model, the branding of which forms an exceptionally positive image. Faine Misto Family Restaurants is a well-known and sought-after project that works exclusively with professionals. Send us your suggestions for cooperation by e-mail and we will consider them soon.


Information for contractors

Faine Misto restaurant chain is grateful to the contractors for their interest and willingness to cooperate. In order to determine the feasibility of future cooperation and assess its prospects, Faine Misto Family Restaurants should familiarize themselves with the commercial offer of the contractor. Please provide the following additional materials:

  1. Catalog of your products and a complete list of services that can be provided by your contractor company.
  2. Samples of your products and recommendations from past customers who have worked with your contractor..
  3. Complete and meaningful estimate for your goods and services (in hryvnias, including and excluding taxes)..
  4. Information about the maximum discounts and loyalty system that your company is ready to provide to our restaurant chain..
  5. Quality guarantees and all necessary certificates/documents confirming the competence and high professionalism in the provision of services by your contractor..
  6. Information on delivery times and warranty periods for products and services provided by your contractor company..
  7. Information on the form of payment for services and goods provided by your company (cash/non-cash payment) and the possibility of deferred payments..



Information for lessors

Faine Misto restaurant chain in Ternopil is constantly developing and therefore in the future it is planned to open new projects of the same name franchise. We are grateful for the attention of our landlords and are happy to hear mutually beneficial business proposals. If the terms of cooperation suit each of the parties, Faine Misto restaurant will agree to enter into and conclude a contract. However, we ask lessors send an e-mail containing all the necessary information about the terms of cooperation and after assessing the prospects and profitability of Faine Misto Restaurant (Ternopil), further decisions will be made. The commercial offer from a potential landlord of Faine Misto restaurant chain must contain the following materials:

  1. Substantial information about the land plot/business object (area, assessment of the working and sanitary condition of the premises, logistical location, availability of equipment, etc.)
  2. Full package of documents and necessary certificates.
  3. Estimate that is valid for the next calendar year (necessarily in UAH, including and excluding taxation).
  4. Conditions of rent, terms and specificities of payment.

On our website ( you will find contact information (email address and telephone numbers). We will wait for your commercial offers in electronic form. After evaluating the potential cooperation representative of Faine Misto restaurant chain administration will contact you.


Information for suppliers

Faine Misto Family Restaurants is grateful for the attention and interest in our restaurant chain. We are ready for fruitful and long-term cooperation with responsible, successful and honest suppliers.

Faine Misto Restaurant will be sure to consider your proposals, assess the prospects and productivity of future cooperation after providing your company with all the necessary information. To discuss future cooperation, Faine Misto administration should receive the following information:

  1. Complete and comprehensive catalog of products offered by the supplier company.
  2. Samples of your products.
  3. Information about composition, terms, conditions of storage and operation of goods/products.
  4. Valid estimate (necessarily in UAH, including and excluding taxation).
  5. Information about the cooperation with other business entities and recommendations from past clients with whom you have cooperated.
  6. Information about the discounts and bonuses that your company is ready to provide to Faine Misto Restaurant (Ternopil).

Letters of guarantee and certificates confirming the quality of products offered by the supplier company. Information on the terms and conditions of delivery of products from the supplier to the establishments of Faine Misto restaurant chain. Information on the terms, form and amount of payment for goods/products provided by the supplier company (including information on the possibility/impossibility of deferred payments).