Delivery of buffet boxes from NA NEBI restaurant

Every host wants to surprise guests with exquisite serving and delicious food. NA NEBI Restaurant offers delicious and well-decorated cold snacks. Ternopil food delivery is offered on favorable terms.

Cold snacks: what you can order in the restaurant NA NEBI

Buffet — one of the best options for a festive event. This format is suitable for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and conferences. This option is optimal when you expect:

  • a significant number of people with a small area of the hall;
  • the main purpose - communication of guests;
  • the need for rapid preparation.

When you need to choose snacks for alcoholic beverages, we offer food delivery in Ternopil from the restaurant NA NEBI. For the perfect combination we recommend using the following tips:

  • it is better to choose meat platter with vodka which is supplemented with lard and mustard;
  • beer goes best with grissini and meat;
  • cheese platter for white wine;
  • the taste of red wine is revealed in combination with red meat - the richer the taste of wine, the spicier the meat should be;
  • for cognac - meat and fruits;
  • whiskey needs to be combined with soft and hard cheeses and different fruits.

The range of cold snacks for buffet offers boxes with meat delicacies, cheeses and fruits.

Meat platter contains salami chorizo, prosciutto, tongue and dried lard which go perfectly with olives. For a perfect taste, grissini are added together with mustard seeds and chili peppers.

Cheese platter will allow you to enjoy the taste of cheese delicacies. Sliced cheese contains such cheeses as parmesan, brie, dorblu, the taste of which is complemented by meat delicacies - salami chorizo and prosciutto.

Harmoniously combined with onion baguette and grissini. Grapes, olives, honey and berry sauce - perfectly complete this gastronomic combination.

When choosing snacks for wine, you should pay attention to the fruit and cheese platters, which includes seasonal berries, brie, parmesan, dorblu, grissini, onion baguette, honey, berry sauce and hazelnuts.

Snack delivery: order’s terms

Cold snacks are offered on the following terms of delivery:

  • the minimum cost of the order is 250 UAH in Ternopil and 350 UAH outside the city;
  • the minimum cost of the order is not present for pickup orders;
  • delivery cost - 70 UAH in Ternopil and 90 UAH outside the city.

In order for us to have time to please you, you need to place an order for delivery by 22:20. Advantages of ordering at NA NEBI restaurant:

  • fresh food always;
  • wide range;
  • the ability to conveniently place an order online;
  • affordability.

We value our clients’ trust so we always check the quality of products. Snack delivery from the NA NEBI restaurant offers a wide choice so you can quickly choose the best snack option for a variety of events. Cold snacks have a varied menu. On the website you will find snacks for beer, wine, vodka, cognac and other beverages.

NA NEBI offers delivery to the office and home. All you need to do is leave a request on the website or call our manager.