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Looking for the information about the best restaurants in Ternopil city? Planning a friends’ party or a family celebration and wonder which restaurant offers reasonable prices and high-quality service? Deciding which café to go to enjoy yourself and have a meal at a comparatively low price? The “Faine Misto” restaurant family is a perfect choice for all the occasions mentioned above.

The bars in Ternopil offer customers various dishes and drinks for any taste and wallet. If you are a tourist, you will probably be interested in visiting a cafe with authentic atmosphere and trying national Ukrainian dishes and drinks. In the city there is a wide range of youth cafes which offer democratic prices and wonderful opportunities for a relaxing day out with friends. For a very special occasion, it’s a good idea to choose a luxurious restaurant with sophisticated dishes and elite drinks.

However, each concept restricts the menu, wine list, interior and prices. What is the main advantage of the “Faine Misto” restaurant family? Our complex consists of four restaurants with absolutely different concepts. You can choose any appropriate variant relevant to the type of celebration, your personal preferences and tastes of the guests.

You think that a pub is not a good choice for a family celebration and relaxation in comfortable atmosphere? In most cases it is true. However, the beer pub “Faine Misto” is a place with unique concept.


Затишна атмосфера у пивному ресторані Файне місто

We offer exceptionally comfortable atmosphere. You will definitely enjoy our stylish design and cozy beautiful wooden furniture. The menu of the Pub can tantalize taste buds of any customer. Here you can quench your thirst with live beer, choose tasty snacks, salads and hot dishes made of fresh products following a unique recipe.

The restaurant-pub “Faine Misto” is the most popular place in Ternopil for both young and old who want to relax and enjoy themselves. If you are planning a family celebration, here you can have a wonderful time with your children. We offer delicious soft drinks, fresh juices and smoothies. The wide choice of desserts and ice-cream will satisfy even the most demanding young customers.

Is there a child who is not keen on drawing? The waiters of the Pub “Faine Misto” always offer our little guests a piece of paper and pencils. The best pieces of art are exhibited near the bar stand – genuine talents should delight as many people as possible.

We often invite popular music bands to perform in the pub. Live music, the atmosphere of freedom and hospitality, tasty dishes and drinks all unite to make your celebration unforgettable.

The club “Faine Misto”

Заклад в центрі міста клуб "Файне місто"

It is a place which offers young people a nice opportunity to hang out with friends. The club has been designed in the fusion style. We have decided to ruin the stereotype that a youth club is a place for loud parties with dancing and lively music. On the contrary, in our club it is very comfortable. Cozy soft furniture, plants and antique style perfectly go with modern industrial décor elements.

The Club “Faine Misto” in Ternopil is a place where you can enjoy a delicious meal. On our menu you will find light appetizers and salads, sophisticated nutritious dishes made of fresh ecologically clean products prepared by highly-qualified cooks. Elite cheeses, delicious grilled vegetable, meat and fish dishes, sophisticated desserts – the choice will satisfy even the most demanding taste.

Drinks are our bartenders’ peculiar pride. You will be offered to try wine produced by popular European brands, original alcohol and alcohol-free cocktails. High-quality tea and coffee, refreshing drinks will give you the freshness and satisfaction of the sophisticated taste.

In the club “Faine Misto” you will find a cozy lounge zone where visitors can smoke a hookah. Our customers know that here they can enjoy the best tobacco in Ternopil delivered from Dubai and ideal atmosphere that allows you to relax and forget your problems.

The restaurant “Jan Amor” from the “Faine Misto” family

Jan Amor

If you want to enjoy sophisticated creative cuisine dishes and elite drinks, you should visit the restaurant “Jan Amor” in Ternopil. Its stylish comfortable interior and delightful atmosphere create ideal conditions for celebrating special events, meeting with business partners and having a romantic dinner.

On the menu of the restaurant there are only the best European cuisine dishes prepared by highly-qualified cooks whose mastership and creativity have become art. We are the only restaurant in Ternopil with the kitchen open to customers, which means that you have got an opportunity to watch how the dishes are being cooked.

It is very important for us to serve customers with not only tasty, but also nutritious food. Delicatessen, seafood, elite cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables – our offers will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. We use the most modern technologies. In the “Jan Amor” you can try meat prepared following a Sous-vide method.

Real connoisseurs of elite wine will enjoy the sophisticated taste of beverages produced by famous French, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Argentinian, Australian, New Zealand’s and Montenegrin brands.

We cooperate only with reliable suppliers. The foods used to prepare dishes are all fresh, ecologically-clean vegetables, fruit, meat and herbs produced by local farmers.

The “Faine Misto” restaurant family is a good example of well-wishing and hospitable service. We offer a wide choice of opportunities for recreation and possess the potential to satisfy any taste.

If you think that a celebration in the most popular restaurant in the city will be too burdensome for the family budget, you should visit us and make sure that you were wrong. The customers who come to us for the first time are always pleasantly surprised. You will definitely enjoy our prices, too.

We look forward to meeting you and guarantee delightful recreation and positive impressions.

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Elite cheeses in the Club “Faine Misto”