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If you love Japanese cuisine, we at Young Oriental Restaurant recommend ordering sushi sets for delivery. Choosing sets of top roles, you will be able to please everyone. Taste them together or with a company, and the delivery of sushi sets will make your vacation even tastier and more positive!

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Top sushi sets from the Young restaurant for delivery!

Sushi sets are not only a variety of exquisite tastes, but also a benefit, because when you choose sets, you save money. We bring to your attention traditional and original sets, so everyone will be able to find the positions that impress them the most. If you love the classics, we recommend ordering the following popular sushi sets:

  • "Set of dragons". It includes three popular positions: “Golden”, “Red” and “Pink Dragons”. A good choice for those who love salmon, eel and tiger prawns.
  • "Philadelphia", presented in XL variations for an average company and with shrimp for two. If you want to taste seafood fried in tempura batter, pay attention to the mini set with shrimps. When you intend to arrange a feast for the company, "Philadelphia XL" with tuna, salmon, eel and shrimp will be a great solution.
  • "Panko". This sushi set is distinguished by its crispy crust, because it is fried in panko batter before serving.
  • "Summer Set". We called this set of roles summer for a reason, because it is so bright, fresh, light and pleasant. Looking for a kilogram of sushi for delivery in a classic recipe - order a set for delivery, which includes various versions of "Philadelphia".

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The traditional tastes are a bit tired and you intend to try something interesting - we recommend ordering our author's sushi sets, which include:

  • "Ebi Tempura Set". A great choice for a small company or two. The set includes: "Kabayaki Tempura", "Crispy roll with shrimp" and "Ebi uramaki".
  • "Philadelphia Young". If you like the classic "Philadelphia" but want to diversify your diet, try our author's. We added certain ingredients that made this set special and not like a traditional Japanese dish.
  • "Panko Young". For small and medium-sized companies, we advise you to order sushi sets in panko batter with a crispy crust, unlike the classic ones. "Panko with eel and shrimp" and our signature "Emperor roll" are waiting for you.
  • "Oritsu set".. Planning to taste a mix of warm and cold rolls - this set is just for you! Choose it for recreation with a medium or large group.
  • "Chef Set". Invite your significant other, friend or girlfriend to enjoy our signature set from the chef. It consists of four halves of our top rolls: Octopus Shrimp Tartare, Crab Panko and Kabayaki Kasukabe.

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Delivery of sushi sets in Ternopil and the suburbs for a perfect carefree vacation!

We recommend ordering our sushi sets for relaxing with company, a romantic dinner, celebrating a certain event or family gatherings, because they have the following advantages:

  • are presented in completely different variations, so they will appeal to lovers of both classics and original flavors;
  • are prepared from premium products from proven suppliers;
  • not only taste great, but also have an impeccable appearance, which certainly affects the mood and appetite;
  • delivered around Ternopil and beyond the city limits, which significantly expands your horizons for an ideal vacation;
  • sanitary standards are observed not only by our qualified sushi chefs, but also by couriers, which indicates the safety of food.

In the city of Ternopil, Yang's sushi is considered top, and the fact that we provide a delivery service allows you to enjoy the best sets anywhere!