Mobile app for food delivery

Our mobile app is a new step of development in the restaurant business in Ternopil. For the convenience and comfort of our guests we have developed a unique and ultra-fast platform which makes ordering food with delivery even easier. All the establishments of restaurant chain Faine Misto are always available in your phone, all you have to do is download our app from App Store or Play Market.

Delivery of lunches to the office and home via Faine Misto app: what is its feature?

For citizens of Ternopil food delivery is a good alternative to the usual restaurant trip or cooking in your own kitchen. And with our mobile app it is even more convenience to order, what are its features and advantages:

  • Convenient search on the main page on the menu of all establishments: pub and club, Passage and Young. You just have to enter the name and dishes from all potentially suitable establishments are starting to appear on the page - we value your time. For example, if you want to try something with chicken write in the search bar “chicken” and everything is ready!

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  • Food delivery in Ternopil is available in every establishment and everything will arrive in time and in one order.

  • We recommend to sign up in the mobile app because it provides certain privileges. The program automatically remembers the address, saves the history of previous orders so your favorite burgers from Adler's Passage, for example, can be re-ordered without any hassle. You can also manage history - not only re-order but also delete.

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  • The app has all the contact details of each establishment so you can not only order food with delivery but also quickly contact to book a table in NA NEBI and Jan Amor restaurants.

The greatest convenience is that you just take the phone out of your pocket and place an order in a couple of clicks. You have in your hand several popular establishments of our city and their menus with breakfasts/lunches/dinners. Sushi delivery in Ternopil from Young is the most popular order and not surprisingly our rolls - a real pleasure. Be sure to take advantage of the new service from Faine Misto Family Restaurants and share your impressions with us!