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Family of restaurants “Faine Misto”

Published: March 24, 2017р.

Are you looking for popular establishments of Ternopil? Do you want to relax in a pleasant atmosphere, listen to good music, have a delicious dinner, celebrate some special event or fun with friends? Welcome to the family of restaurants “Faine Misto” in Ternopil.

Opening of the first establishment was held in 2012. We offered to citizens and guests a completely new and revolutionary concept at that time. Establishments of Ternopil are divided into 2 categories, by 2012:

  • Typical cafes with limited assortment and very low service level.
  • Authentic restaurants in the traditional style of “countryside barrel house.”

We decided to abandon provincialism and to offer modern service and menu to our clients. Ukraine is an integral part of the world. We are developing and looking into the future.

Family of restaurants “Faine Misto” – a popular chain of restaurants in Ukraine

New establishments of Ternopil try to copy the style of family of restaurants “Faine Misto” today. We feel great pleasure and are proud of successful endeavor of innovative way in hospitality.

Pub-restaurant “Faine Misto’’

This is the first institution of family of restaurants. We created a pub radically innovative and alternative space for youth. Literally, from the first days after opening it became a mega popular institution in the city.

Pub-restaurant "Faine Misto"It’s a stylish design. To finish, we chose natural materials. Comfort furniture, enormous windows, plenty of storage space – you plunge into the atmosphere of comfort, get to relax after a tense working day. Our cafe is located in the center of Ternopil. Guests can enjoy beautiful views from the summer terrace. Alongside there are the most interesting sights of architecture of city, Drama Theater named by T. Shevchenko, a wonderful park with fountains. This luxurious panorama will become a wonderful background for your rest.

Craft beer. Most varieties brewed drinks at the “Opole” for a unique recipe exclusively for the pub “Faine Misto” in Ternopil.

Delicious food. We use of appetizers exceptionally fresh environmentally clean foods from local farms for preparation. The original author’s recipes from the best chefs of the city. Does wish deliciously to have dinner? Come and taste:

  • fragrant and delicious grilled dishes, snacks, beer, served with huge sets for the whole company;
  • sausages, cooked by original recipe;
  • master’s pancakes stuffed with meat and mushrooms with cream sauce;
  • giant pan of potatoes and meat;
  • Popular burgers;
  • cheese sticks;
  • European desserts;
  • Wide range of tonic drinks, original cocktails.

A menu changes constantly. We are experimenting, exploring the best recipes and looking for new tastes.

Club “Faine Misto”

The concept of establishment – fusion direction. Attempts to combine the radically opposing styles and ideas to find a compromise and harmony in the controversial and absolutely different approaches represented in the interior of the club. Do you consider that it is impossible? Grant to establishments of the “Wonderful city” and make sure – we succeed to incarnate the bravest ideas.
A club “Faine Misto” – is a strong family institution Fine.

The best emotions of ternopilers and guests of city.
A club is space of freedom and alternative music, although, we with pleasure invite talented performers that work in any styles. It is possible to whip off from shoulders caring and to unstuck with friends on complete here. Do you wish to relax? It is possible to smoke hooka in a comfort lounge zone. We offer the best tobacco in Ternopil, imported from Dubai.

  1. a floor is music, projector
  2. a floor is a hooka
Catacomb quests “Faine misto”

We created this space for teenagers who are addicted to leisure. And the catacombs of interesting quests become mega popular entertainment center for the people of different age category.

We invite everyone who loves extreme rest, seeks interesting way to spend free time and test yourself at the catacombs  of Faine Misto. You are waiting for exciting quests:

  • Bunker.
  • Bank robbery.
  • Home spy.
  • Prison.

There are plans to open new quests. We guarantee – it will be very interesting and scary. You get mad extreme portion.

There are plans to open new quests. We guarantee – it will be very interesting and cowardly. You will get mad extreme portion.

Restaurant “Jan Amor”

While developing the concept of institution, we wanted to create  in Ternopil an island of elegant luxury and haute cuisine for gourmets. Culinary traditions associated Ukraine with galushki, dumplings, salo and borsh. We did not want to fill up the numerical number of typical Ternopil restaurants and willing to offer guests exquisite European dishes.
Restaurant “Jan Amor” by Fine – gourmet kitchen

We are often asked what culinary traditions in menu is based on “Jan Амор” from the ” Faine Misto”. As an example we have chosen Italian cuisine, but the goal is exactly reproduce the recipes are not treated. Our menu is original interpretation with unique taste tints. From all restaurants and bars of Ternopil only we have an open kitchen – you can watch that, how foods prepare. We use fresh foods of the greatest quality exceptionally.

Restaurant "Jan Amor"We are proud of the widest wine list. None of the institutions of the city offers such a rich choice of varieties. In Jan Amor restaurant you can taste the elite Italian wines for every taste.

Creating the design of hall, we searched the special style in that a cosiness and maximal comfort combine for guests, refined simplicity, harmony and modern aesthetics.

All, who searches atmospheric establishments of Ternopil, necessarily organization of space will please in “Jan Амор”, service culture and family hospitality of restaurants the “Faine misto”.

All establishments the “Faine Misto” is united by a general line – it is possible deliciously to eat up for us, to try quality foods and drinks, miraculously to have fun without the special expenses. We proved that the best restaurants of Ternopil with excellent service can provide quality services cheap.

We are waiting for you impatiently. You will see “Faine misto” is the best place to relax.


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