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If you want to do something thrilling in your free time, feel adrenalin running in your veins and test yourself in an extraordinary situation, you should visit “The Catacombs” in Ternopil. Here you will find exciting quest rooms with brain-teasers to check your wit.

“The Catacombs” are quest rooms from the restaurant family “Faine Misto”

We are often asked how the idea of “The Catacombs” originated and why we chose the quests. Having established the Club, the Pub and the Restaurant “Faine Misto” in Ternopil we created the territory perfect for delightful recreation for people of all ages. Each restaurant has its own peculiarities. We wanted the local people and the guests of the city to be able to choose a place for entertainment depending on their taste.

Shortly after opening each restaurant of ours immediately became very popular in Ternopil. We have noticed that not only youngsters attend the Pub and the Club “Faine Misto”. A lot of middle-aged and elderly people are our frequent visitors as well. Bit by bit the “Faine Misto” restaurants have transformed into a place for family recreation. Being aware of that, we had an idea to establish a recreation center for the visitors of the restaurants.

Why did we choose quests? Before we started to develop the concept of “The Catacombs”, we had carefully analyzed what other entertainment establishments in the city offered to children and teenagers. Unfortunately, the choice of exciting up-to-date ideas was rather limited. That is why we decided to introduce something absolutely new and extraordinary for the city.

We carried out an investigation into the most popular kinds of entertainment of the European teenagers to find out that quests were in the lead among interesting and challenging pastimes. Quests are intellectual competitive games which first appeared in the USA 10 years ago. Various quests are very popular all over the world now. New games, special TV programmes and mobile apps with puzzles on any theme are created every day. The themes vary from looking for certain things in the city to doing extremely difficult and dangerous tasks for those who love the extreme.

We decided to locate “The Catacombs” with quests in the basement of the “Faine Misto” club. It is the first and so far the only complex in Ternopil which gives teenagers, young and old people an opportunity to entertain themselves by doing tasks to check their intellectual skills, attentiveness and ability to work out non-standard ideas while solving puzzles. We hoped that “The Catacombs” will become popular among children and teenagers. But the reaction of the city dwellers and guests surpassed even the most daring expectations. The quests in Ternopil are highly in demand not only among teenagers – adults also do them with pleasure.

You should definitely bring children when visiting us. You will get great satisfaction and will be able to try yourself in extreme situations.

Quest room in Ternopil Catacombs
Adventure quests in Ternopil
Interesting and intriguing quests in Ternopil

Quests in the Faine Misto “Catacombs” guarantee bright emotions and unforgettable impressions

Professional actors work in “The Catacombs”. They will instruct you before the adventure starts and inform of the tasks you have to fulfill. At present time there are 4 rooms:

  • Bunker.
  • Bank robbery.
  • Home of the spy.
  • Prison.

You have 1 hour to fulfill the tasks in each room. Everything that takes place in “The Catacombs” is very real and extreme. You do not need to be physically fit and hardy to do the quests in Ternopil. Cooperation in the team, ability to think creatively and make decisions in difficult situations are much more important.

Soon we are going to open two more quests – Black Pearl and Dexter.

The Catacombs are a perfect choice to celebrate your child’s birthday or have an exciting and extraordinary time with friends.

Quest room in Ternopil Catacombs

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